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Breaking: The Supreme Court Turns Trump’s Tax Returns Over to New York Prosecutors

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New York State Attorney General Cyrus Vance has a grand jury subpoena for Trump’s personal tax returns. Trump had previously challenged this subpoena on the grounds that he had presidential immunity. That argument failed in court. Now Trump is fighting this subpoena as a private citizen, specifically claiming that it is overreaching and was made in bad faith. Those arguments just failed at the supreme court. Here’s what that means.

The Supreme Court Releases Trump’s Tax Returns to Investigators

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The question before the Supreme Court was whether Article II and the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution prevent the President from being criminally investigated. It turns out that, according to the courts, the president needs to be treated like any other citizen in state courts. Because of this Trump’s tax returns will be turned over to New York state prosecutors. This is an analysis of the court’s ruling in the combined cases of Trump v. Mazars USA and Trump v. Deutsche Bank.