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WTOh No; How Trump Froze the Appeals Court To Fight China’s “Developing Country” Status

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Since December 11th the WTO’s appeals court hasn’t been able to hear a case in the appeals court. This is because the United States is refusing to appoint new judges to that court. This freezing has made appealing any case in the WTO effectively a veto until the US gives the OK symbol. Why is America doing this? Because the WTO classifies China as a developing country, leading to many trade benefits, and the US objects to that. Here’s what is happening!

From the Front Lines of the Trade War: A Wild Forty Eight Hours of Trade News

Over the course of two day America started a trade war with Brazil and Argentina, won a WTO case against the EU’s airbus, credibly threatened the WTO, threatened France with Tariffs, and saw a potential escalation in the trade war with China. It was a wild time. Here is a little more detail on what just happened!

China Devalues the Yuan; The US/China Trade War Gets a Second Front

This week Trump labeled China a currency manipulator as the Chinese yuan dropped to a ten year low. People are asking what is going on and whether this could trigger a currency war between China and the United States. Here’s what this means.