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Breaking News: The Supreme Court’s LGBTQ Firing Decision, Explained

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The Supreme Court just issued a decision resolving three cases where employers fired people for being gay or trans. Their answer: No, because the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects people from sexual discrimination, protections which now cover gay and trans individuals. Here’s exactly what was just decided and why the decision was made.

The Supreme Court Approves Trump’s Asylum Restrictions

The Supreme Court just gave their seal of approval to reversing an injunction that would block a new restrictive Trump asylum regulation. This means that anyone applying for asylum in the United States, who have passed through Mexico, will have to first apply for asylum in Mexico. Here’s what happened, and, more importantly, why it happened?

The Supreme Court Funds the Border Wall… Kindof

On Friday the Supreme Court released a decision that allowed the Trump Administration to use funds to build the wall while the courts figure out the legality of the emergency declaration and resulting money transfers. This case, Trump v. The Sierra Club, weighted the environmental concerns of the Sierra Club against the monetary concerns of the federal government. Here’s what happened.