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Winners and Losers of Judge Barrett’s Nomination, Explained

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With Judge Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, people are concerned about what her impact on the court will be. Here’s what her impact will look like on the courts.

Judge Barrett’s Decisions, Ideology, Policies, and Confirmation Hearing, Explained

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In order to apply for the position of Supreme Court Justice, Judge Amy Coney Barrett had to submit a resume to congress. In this episode we break down her originalist beliefs and apply it the best we can to her ten favorite decisions that she authored.

The Supreme Court’s November Cases and Argument Analysis, Explained

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The Supreme Court’s November term is filled with intriguing and controversial cases from potentially invalidating the Affordable Care Act, figuring out whether Christian Foster Care Agencies need to meet with gay couples, or whether minors need to be permanently incorrigible in order to get a lifetime sentence. Here is a summary of all of the cases SCOTUS is hearing in November.

The Supreme Court’s October 2020 Cases, Explained

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The Supreme Court is preparing to start their Fall of 2020 term. This is an analysis of the cases they are slated to what in October. It varies from a water dispute between Texas and New Mexico to Police excessive force lawsuits. Here is exactly what’s happening.

The Supreme Court’s 2020 Electoral College Debate, Explained

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The Supreme Court just heard oral arguments in a case to determine how independent state electors should be in choosing which candidates to vote for.  Three electors from Washington State broke a promise to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and instead vote for Colin Powell. They were punished for the violation with a $1,000 fine. Here are the legal arguments from both the electors and Washington State.


SCOTUS Decides: Turning Over Trump’s Tax Returns to Congress?

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The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments tomorrow to decide whether President Donald Trump, Mazars, and Deutsche Bank have to turn over financial documents to congress. The question is, whether congressional subpoenas are being issued to research new legislation or to criminally investigate the president.

The Supreme Court Approves Trump’s Asylum Restrictions

The Supreme Court just gave their seal of approval to reversing an injunction that would block a new restrictive Trump asylum regulation. This means that anyone applying for asylum in the United States, who have passed through Mexico, will have to first apply for asylum in Mexico. Here’s what happened, and, more importantly, why it happened?