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Congress Just Saved the Post Office! Postal Reform Bill 2022, Explained

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The United States Postal Service has long been struggling with budgetary issues. After more than a year of focused attention, congress has finally passed a post office reform bill, The Postal Service Reform Act of 2022. Here’s what’s happening!

Trump vs. The Postal Service, Explained

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The US Postal Service is struggling and the question is how to fix it. Trump’s new Postmaster general is proposing cuts that are leading to delivery delays. Mnuchin is proposing renegotiating last mile delivery contracts with major shippers to raise prices. Liberals are proposing new features that will open up different revenue streams or reincorporating the Post Office into the federal government’s budgeting. Here’s what’s happening.

Trump vs. The Post Office Bailout!

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You don’t have mail. Trump and Democrats disagree on what if anything should be done to protect the US Post Office. The question is whether to raise prices, cut costs, open up other sources of revenue, or privatize altogether. This is what people are saying.