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Why OPEC Isn’t Increasing Oil Production, The Oil Shortage of 2022

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With oil prices on the rise, Biden is on a mission to get his hands on more oil. Problem is, nobody wants to produce and sell more oil. The question today is why, with exorbitant prices, would nobody want to bring more oil to market? Here’s what’s happening!

Breaking News: OPEC Deal Ends the 2020 Oil Crisis; Mexico, Russia, and Saudi Arabia’s Deal Explained

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A dramatic set of meetings starting Thursday and ending Sunday ended the oil conflict between Saudi Arabia and Russia. This debate included several twists and turns including a dramatic refusal by Mexico to implement the requested cuts. This is exactly what was just agreed to and the debate to get to those terms.

2020 Oil Crisis OPEC Crude Oil Deal Collapse Explained

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Russia and Saudi Arabia are in a competition to see who can put the other’s oil industry out of business. The pain of this competition has expanded to every country that exports oil including the United States whose crude oil industry has taken a huge hit. Here’s what’s happening and what major oil entities are doing about it.

Russia and Saudi Arabia’s OPEC Oil Price War Explained

After a failed OPEC meeting designed to limit supplies in response to shrinking demand, oil prices have hit new lows. So, what the heck happened?