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Escalation Tensions Between Biden and Iran, Explained; The Vienna Talks and Reentering the Iran Deal

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All the original signers of the Iran Deal meeting in Vienna and tensions are high. Between an Israeli cyber attack on Iranian nuclear facilities and Iran upping their enrichment to 60% the situation is volatile. Here is what is happening in Vienna,  what the participants are thinking, and how we got here.

Escalation Tensions Between Biden and Iran, Explained; How to Reenter the Iran Nuclear Deal

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After campaigning on reentering the Iran Nuclear Agreement, President Biden has sharply pivoted towards taking it slowly. With tensions continuing to escalate, and both sides taking new offensive actions, here is exactly what’s happening.

Trump’s UN Iran Deal Snapback Effort and Iran’s 2020 Arms Embargo, Explained

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With the JCPOA’s embargo on arms sales to Iran set to expire on October 16th, Trump is scrambling to get a coalition of companies to reinstate it. His first attempt to appeal to the UN Security Council failed. Now he is trying to use a “snapback” clause in the Iran Deal to null the entire resolution. Here is exactly what’s happening.