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America’s Soaring 2021 Inflation Rates, Explained

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The Federal Reserve is closely monitoring inflation in the United States. After months of loose monetary policy, inflation rates just spiked to 4.2% last month. This leaves the Federal Reserve asking how much of these cost increases are based on inflation versus recovering from the pandemic. Here’s exactly what’s happening.

What is Inflation? Economics Explained

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With the government pumping an additional $1.9 Trillion into the economy, some are beginning to express concern about inflation. Here is how to think about inflation and its causes.

Is Inflation Coming? The 2020 Economic Debate, Explained

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With M2 Monetary Supply exploding and the Federal Reserve loosening their monetary policies, the question on everyone’s mind is, is inflation coming. This might feel like the perfect recipe for hyperinflation but given the circumstances inflation is not yet coming. Here’s a debate over what is happening.

Where’s the Inflation? An Economic Mystery

For years the Fed has worried about inflation. Now that the economy is growing, the Federal Reserve chair, Jerome Powell is wondering where it went? Nobody knows for sure, but this video goes over the main theories as to why people aren’t spending their money like they used to.