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Jerome Powell’s Federal Reserve Inflation Debate, Explained

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Inflation is driven by three primary factors, supply of goods, supply of money, and number of transactions. The Federal Reserve has put it’s thumb on the scale to push consumption. They are achieving this by printing and distributing money and tanking interest rates to make spending a more appealing option than saving. Here is the debate over how to tweak these systems to address inflation.

America’s Soaring 2021 Inflation Rates, Explained

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The Federal Reserve is closely monitoring inflation in the United States. After months of loose monetary policy, inflation rates just spiked to 4.2% last month. This leaves the Federal Reserve asking how much of these cost increases are based on inflation versus recovering from the pandemic. Here’s exactly what’s happening.

What is Inflation? Economics Explained

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With the government pumping an additional $1.9 Trillion into the economy, some are beginning to express concern about inflation. Here is how to think about inflation and its causes.