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Quicktake: The Mainstream Media is Getting Impeachment Wrong, Explained

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The House of Representatives impeached Trump over the charge of Inciting an Insurrection. The Senate just began hearing the impeachment case that could result in removal and a ban from running for future office. Here is exactly what impeachment means in the context of 2020.

Can You Impeach a Former President? Trump’s 2021 Impeachment News, Explained

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The House of Representatives just voted to impeach Trump a second time. The Articles have been delivered to the Senate who are going to meet after inauguration to hold the trial. The question many are raising is, what does it look like to impeach a former president. Here’s what you need to know!

What’s the Impeachable Offense? Trump, Ukraine, and The Law

With the impeachment inquiry in full swing the question is, what’s being investigated? While the final documents have not been filed yet, these are the crimes that might have been committed in the Ukraine and why the impeachment might be about more than just criminal law.

What’s Going On Between Trump, Biden, and the Ukraine? Impeachment, Investigations, and a Whole Bunch of Controversy

All set to the backdrop of a war between the Ukraine and Russia, a conflict between US politicians is reaching a new high. Between Trump trying to investigate Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, and the Ukrainian government trying to investigate their gas company for embezzlement and laundering corporate funds, a very complicated tapestry is emerging. Here is exactly what’s happening.