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The Federal Reserve Bails Out State Budgets 2020, Explained

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For the first time in US history the Federal Reserve is buying municipal bonds from State Governments. This is a temporary fix to keep states solvent, prevent budget cuts, and avoid tax hikes during the economic downturn. Here’s exactly what’s happening.

The Federal Reserve’s New Main Street Lending Program, Explained

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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is restarting a great depression era program where the Federal Reserve buys bank’s loans to medium sized companies. This program is similar to their bond buying program, but considered to be riskier by analysts. Here’s what’s happening.

The $2 Trillion Spending Bill’s Corporate Bailout Plan Explained

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Last week the Federal Government passed a two trillion dollar spending bill, a quarter of that funding, five hundred billion dollars, was allocated for corporate bailouts. This package is set to be distributed by the federal reserve to buy corporate bonds, but who boy is it not that simple. Here’s exactly what’s happening.

The Federal Reserve Goes All In On Liquidity; Unlimited Quantitative Easing and REPO Interventions Explained

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Today the Federal Reserve announced unlimited quantitative easing measures to stimulate liquidity in the markets. This, combined with the Federal Reserve’s actions in the REPO overnight markets, is an attempt to get banks to make more loans to consumers. Here is exactly what’s happening.