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Trump’s Electoral College Fight; The Electoral Vote Certification, Explained

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With the 2020 election results continuing to be contested, we are entering its next phase. On December 8th all fifty states will have to submit electors for the electoral college vote. The question now is, will all fifty states certify their electoral vote counts and submit the appropriate electors or will they contest those results and send their own slate of electors. Here is what’s happening.

The Supreme Court’s 2020 Electoral College Debate, Explained

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The Supreme Court just heard oral arguments in a case to determine how independent state electors should be in choosing which candidates to vote for.  Three electors from Washington State broke a promise to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and instead vote for Colin Powell. They were punished for the violation with a $1,000 fine. Here are the legal arguments from both the electors and Washington State.