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America’s 2020 Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal, Explained

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Trump’s new head of the Department of Defense has announced a large troop reduction in Afghanistan. With this administration’s new focus on negotiating with the Taliban, here’s how we got to this reduction and what it means for the future of the war.

Pulling Out of Afghanistan: The US, Taliban, Afghan Peace Talks, Explained

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For the first time since the start of America’s participation in the War in Afghanistan, the Afghan Government and the Taliban are meeting to negotiate a new constitution. With the US eyeing the exit, the clock is ticking for the Afghan government to negotiate a deal. Here’s exactly what’s happening.

Peacing Out of Afghanistan: America Signs a Deal With The Taliban


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America just signed a four page deal with the Taliban in an attempt to end the 18 year war in Afghanistan. Here’s what America and Afghanistan just agreed to do in the coming years.