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Ending the War In Afghanistan; Biden’s 3 Peace Talk Choices, Explained

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With the Trump negotiated Taliban peace deal requiring a full troop withdrawal by May 1st, people are asking what Biden is going to do. Here are the three options the Biden Team are exploring, explained.

Pulling Out of Afghanistan: The US, Taliban, Afghan Peace Talks, Explained

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For the first time since the start of America’s participation in the War in Afghanistan, the Afghan Government and the Taliban are meeting to negotiate a new constitution. With the US eyeing the exit, the clock is ticking for the Afghan government to negotiate a deal. Here’s exactly what’s happening.

Peacing Out of Afghanistan: America Signs a Deal With The Taliban


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America just signed a four page deal with the Taliban in an attempt to end the 18 year war in Afghanistan. Here’s what America and Afghanistan just agreed to do in the coming years.

A Breakthrough in the Afghanistan Peace Process? New Intra-Afghan Peace Talks

With the re-election of Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani, the Trump Administration has renewed their effort for peace in Afghanistan. The first step, a Ceasefire that is ongoing. The second step, a troop withdrawal agreement to be signed on February 29th. The third step, intra-Afghan peace talks starting on March 10th. Here’s what those talks are going to look like!