The UN Protecting Idlib, Syria

Assad is taking back Syria from the rebels and the last major city is Idlib Syria. The sharks are circling the province, and in a short period of time the UN is trying to come together to ensure that no chemical weapons will be used in the final siege.

Puerto Rico’s Incredibly Memeable Economic Plan for Recovery

You read that right, in the wake of Hurricane Maria and their debt crisis Puerto Rico has come up with an incredibly memeable solution to their problems involving marijuana, Nicholas Cage, and Cryptocurrency. Here’s how it works.

Can the President Sue the “Lying” Media for Libel? Looking at New York Times Company v. Sullivan

In 1960, the New York Times ran an ad trying to raise money for the release of Martin Luther King Jr. The ad contained a few false statements, leading the city’s commissioner to sue for libel. Here’s what happened.

The Top 5 Sticking Points in US China Tariff Negotiations

That’s right, we’re doing our first top five list. The United States and China are trying to talk themselves down from the trade war. Here are the problems that they’re encountering.

  1. Technology Transfer
  2. Industrial Overcapacity
  3. SOE Reform
  4. Industrial Policies
  5. Cloud Computing

Erik Prince’s Private Army Afghanistan Plan

Erik Prince, ex-Blackwater CEO, has a plan to save America a lot of money in Afghanistan, help fight the Taliban, and make a little for himself on the side. While the military brass aren’t fans of his proposals, he is being heard out by the civilian leadership.

Can the President Protect Communications From a Special Council? United States v. Nixon

In the case of United States v. Nixon, Nixon was trying to hide Watergate communications from a special council that was hot on his heels. Nixon tried to use executive privilege to protect thousands of hours of tapes between him and high level officials. It was up to the Supreme Court to determine whether that was constitutional.