Supreme Court Saturday: Trump v. Hawaii and the Legality of the “Muslim” Travel Ban

Trump’s travel ban has long been mired in controversy over its constitutional viability because of its racist undertones. It recently went to the supreme court and here’s how that went.

Italy Fails to Form a Government

After the Italian Election that happened three months ago, voters are beginning to ask when this new government is going to finally be in place. Turns out that when you ramp up the pressure, things tend to collapse, leading to the president and the prime minister in conflict to set up any semblance of government before a deadline that will result in reelection.

So You Want to Punish the President? How to Impeach, Sue, and File Criminal Charges Against a President

People are starting to talk about impeaching and bringing criminal charges against the president, it looks like the Mueller Investigation is heating up, and all sorts of lawsuits and accusations are being levied against Donald Trump. Is he about to be forced to resign? Spoiler alert: No. Here’s what’s happening according to the constitution.

Rolling Back Dodd Frank: The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155)

The House finally agrees on something? Gun Control? Healthcare? Nope, Banks need less regulation. This rolling back of Dodd Frank gives local banks more freedom. Is that a good thing though?