The Trade War Continues; Trump Introduces New Tariffs on $200 Billion of Chinese Goods

In an escalation of the trade war with China, Trump introduced a whole slate of new tariffs. There are some debates over the economics of these tariffs, but here are the basics of what just happened, and what happened the last few times we imposed tariffs in this war.

Nuclear Disagreement; Iran Weighs its Future in the Iran Deal

The nuclear deal has managed to remain intact a year after Trump left, but with a recent round of sanctions Iran is weighing its options. Should it stay to lock down partial trade with Europe, or should it leave altogether and focus on its nuclear program. This is the most recent updates in the Iran deal fight.

The Fight For the Arctic; America, Russia, and China Need to Chill

With global warming and the melting of the ice caps, new waterways and land are opening up in the Arctic. This week Pompeo is going on a tour of Arctic countries to try to convince them to mobilize against Chinese and Russian influence in the Arctic region. Here is what’s happening between the major players in this coming “Cold War”.

House of a Hundred Subpoenas; The Bill Barr Brawl

Donald Trump just announced that he intends to fight House Judiciary and Oversight committee subpoenas across the board. In this episode Stephen looks at the underlying precedent set by a century of congressional investigations and shows the coming obstacles that are going to be facing congress’s investigations.

The Trade War’s Second Front; Negotiating Peace With Japan

We recently saw Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visit the White House to negotiate a one on one peace deal with Trump. Here are the sticking points keeping a deal from being signed, and the conflict that lead up to this point.

What Facebook’s Five Billion Dollar Settlement Reveals about America’s Personal Data Protections

The FTC is about to fine Facebook an estimated five billion dollars for violating a 2011 settlement. This settlement was designed to protect consumer’s ability to designate what data to protect by altering their settings. Quickly in researching this topic you find giant holes in US data protection laws, laws that senator’s Amy Klobuchar and John (not F) Kennedy are trying to solve with their Social Media Privacy Protection and Consumer Rights Act of 2019. Here’s what’s happening and the current state of US privacy laws.

Trump’s Unwaivering Iran Sanctions Effort; Trump Cancels Waivers On Iranian Oil Purchases

In an effort to further hurt Iran, Trump on the 22nd canceled waivers for countries to purchase Iranian oil. Seventy two percent of Iran’s exports are Oil, so this will be another major blow to their country. Several problems have recently emerged from China’s refusal to comply to Saudia Arabia’s conflict of interest over changing oil price incentives. Here’s what’s going on with Iranian Sanctions.

Will Congress Finally Pass the USMCA? A New Report Predicts it’s Economic Impact

On Thursday a long awaited report was released detailing the economic impacts of New NAFTA, or the USMCA. This report was generally positive, if slightly underwhelming. The question now is, what are congress’s objections and will this new deal pass?

America’s Disaster Relief Gets Caught Up in a Debate on Puerto Rico

America is trying to pass a bill to help Americans who were victims of natural disasters. The problem is, Democrats want that bill to include additional aid and protect existing aid for Puerto Rico. Republicans think spending money on Puerto Rico is inefficient because of the government’s track record on existing aid spending.

So You Want to Subpoena Trump’s Tax Returns?

The battle over Trump’s Tax returns is heating up. The House of Representatives is trying to subpoena Trump’s Tax returns, but Trump is not having it. There is a very narrow legal line that democrats have to legally succeed in their subpoena. Here’s the law behind the battle.