The House Just Passed the First Marijuana Reform Law in this Country

The House of Representatives just passed the SAFE Act which forbids the federal government from punishing banks that work with marijuana companies. This is a huge victory for marijuana legalization advocates as it is the nation’s first stand-alone cannabis reform legislation. This is what just happened.

What’s Going On Between Trump, Biden, and the Ukraine? Impeachment, Investigations, and a Whole Bunch of Controversy

All set to the backdrop of a war between the Ukraine and Russia, a conflict between US politicians is reaching a new high. Between Trump trying to investigate Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, and the Ukrainian government trying to investigate their gas company for embezzlement and laundering corporate funds, a very complicated tapestry is emerging. Here is exactly what’s happening.

The Federal Reserve Bails Out REPO Markets for $75 Billion

The Federal Reserve Just engaged in a large bailout of the short term lending REPO market. Here’s exactly what’s going on in this ongoing news story.

The Democratic 2020 Candidates Fight Over Banning Private Insurance

Should we ban private insurance? That’s the question on 2020 candidates mind. Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris want to allow private insurance to compete with Medicare for all system in a similar to the British system of the National Health Service and private insurance. Sanders and Warren, on the other hand, want to keep private insurance from competing with their Medicare for all programs in a program more similar to Canada. Here’s what both sides look like and the arguments for and against both sides.’

The Supreme Court Approves Trump’s Asylum Restrictions

The Supreme Court just gave their seal of approval to reversing an injunction that would block a new restrictive Trump asylum regulation. This means that anyone applying for asylum in the United States, who have passed through Mexico, will have to first apply for asylum in Mexico. Here’s what happened, and, more importantly, why it happened?

Stimulate or Wait? The European Central Bank’s Fight Explained

The head of the European Central Bank. Mario “Super Mario” Draghi is facing a tough decision. With the European Central Bank facing a quarterly announcement on Thursday, Draghi needs to prepare a strategy to announce. Should he cut the Federal Funds Rate to a negative rate? Should he restart Quantitative Easing? Or should he take no action and tell Eurozone countries to stimulate their own countries. Here’s what’s going on!

The End of the Syrian Civil War: How We Got Here and What’s Next

Bashar al Assad is on the verge of winning the Syrian Civil War with rebels making a last stand in Idlib. This episode goes over the major characters in the Syrian Civil War, how we got here, and how this is probably going to work itself out.

Asia’s Trade Offs: What’s Going on Between South Korea and Japan?

An escalating conflict is going on between South Korea and Japan. It started with a South Korean Supreme Court ruling demanding Japan make reparations for slave workers during World War II and escalated to Japan slowing trade with Korea, South Korea pulling out of a bilateral intelligence sharing agreement with Japan, and South Korea engaging in military exercises in disputed territories. Here’s what’s happening!

The Filibuster Fight: What is a Filibuster and Should We Change It?

The filibuster is a controversial way for the minority party in the Senate to block legislation from coming to a vote. It has recently made its way into the national conversation as several leading democratic candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg have called for it to be done away with. Here’s what the filibuster does and why it’s so controversial.

Boris Johnson vs. Parliament: The Fight to Delay a No Deal Brexit

Boris Johnson suspended congress for five weeks in preparation for the queen’s speech, implying serious concern about parliament’s ability to delay Brexit. Parliament currently has two strategies to delay Brexit for more negotiating time. First, a vote of no confidence and second introducing legislation to force the Prime Minister’s hand. Here’s an analysis of both of those strategies.