Can the President Protect Communications From a Special Council? United States v. Nixon

In the case of United States v. Nixon, Nixon was trying to hide Watergate communications from a special council that was hot on his heels. Nixon tried to use executive privilege to protect thousands of hours of tapes between him and high level officials. It was up to the Supreme Court to determine whether that was constitutional.

Reno v. ACLU; How the ACLU Stopped Clinton From Censoring the Internet

In 1996, Bill Clinton passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which included Title V, the Communications Decency Act that banned indecent speech from the internet. This is the Supreme Court Case that determined whether this violated the First Amendment.

Mexico’s Gigantic Shift in War On Drug Policies

Recently elected far left candidate AMLO (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) is completely shifting Mexico’s policies relating to the war on drugs. Here are the incredibly liberal policies his administration is trying to implement.

Explaining Erdogan’s Turkish Lira Crisis

A combination of Donald Trump’s tariffs and some very weird and strong political ideologies amongst Turkish leaders have led the Turkish Lira to crash. Here is everything you need to know about the Turkish Lira Crisis.

You’re Hired: Mike Pompeo Negotiates with North Korea

Mike Pompeo is engaged in ongoing negotiations with North Korea. There have been quite a few developments, but the lack of credibility is causing problems for both sides.