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Rolling Back Dodd Frank: The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155)

The House finally agrees on something? Gun Control? Healthcare? Nope, Banks need less regulation. This rolling back of Dodd Frank gives local banks more freedom. Is that a good thing though?

Don’t Buy For me Argentina; Argentina, the IMF, and a Terrible Currency

Argentine bonds have gone from a great investment to a terrible investment in an amount of time that would give FOREX traders whiplash. The problem is a huge nagging inflation issue. Here’s everything that is happening and how they are trying to solve it.

Supreme Court Saturday: Can Congress Sue to End War? Campbell v. Clinton

You constantly hear about different presidents bombing countries, but can anyone do anything to stop that? Well in the year 1999, Congress tried to use the War Powers Resolution to bring peace to Yugoslavia and here’s what happened.