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Will Congress Finally Pass the USMCA? A New Report Predicts it’s Economic Impact

On Thursday a long awaited report was released detailing the economic impacts of New NAFTA, or the USMCA. This report was generally positive, if slightly underwhelming. The question now is, what are congress’s objections and will this new deal pass?

America’s Disaster Relief Gets Caught Up in a Debate on Puerto Rico

America is trying to pass a bill to help Americans who were victims of natural disasters. The problem is, Democrats want that bill to include additional aid and protect existing aid for Puerto Rico. Republicans think spending money on Puerto Rico is inefficient because of the government’s track record on existing aid spending.

So You Want to Subpoena Trump’s Tax Returns?

The battle over Trump’s Tax returns is heating up. The House of Representatives is trying to subpoena Trump’s Tax returns, but Trump is not having it. There is a very narrow legal line that democrats have to legally succeed in their subpoena. Here’s the law behind the battle.

The Last 48 Hours of Border Policy Explained

Between Kirstjen Nielson resigning and a district court saying that Trump can’t send asylum seekers in Mexico we’ve had a lot to digest recently. The problem, overflowing detention centers. Here’s how both of these updates impact the solving of that problem.

Trump Nominates Herman Cain and Stephen Moore for the Federal Reserve

People are accusing Trump’s most recent Federal Reserve Board nominees of being partisan Trump Yes men. Here’s the monetary philosophies of these two nominees based on their past and why some people are concerned.

Why All the Reporting on The Green New Deal Is Wrong

I know that’s quite a bold claim, but hear me out. The Green New Deal is a nonbinding resolution, meaning that if it gets voted into law, nothing legally will change. The point of the Green New Deal, as this video will show is actually to set a goal for all future legislation, as opposed to revolutionize our system.

Why is Trump Threatening a Border Shutdown? Trump and AMLO’s Opposing Immigration Philosophies

Trump recently threatened to shut down the border with Mexico? The question now is why. It comes down to opposing philosophies on immigration between Trump and AMLO. As the president of the Migration Policy Institute in Washington put it, “The great irony here is that you have one administration north of the border that rhetorically thinks only in terms of enforcement and one south of the border that rhetorically thinks in terms of getting rid of enforcement.” Here’s what’s going on with this continuing international conflict.

Trump Just Successfully Banned the Bump Stock… Wait, What?

In a story out of left field, the bump stock attachments that can make semi automatic weapons capable of operating like a machine gun are now banned. Specifically the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeals case making this the single biggest A.T.F. seizure of private property in history. Here’s exactly what happened.

Obamacare Repeal Gets a Second Life; Texas v. United States

After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 got rid of the Individual Mandate tax, a new front in the healthcare debate opened up. The question now is whether, legally, the Affordable Care Act can exist without the individual mandate?