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Tariffs, Made in America; The US/China Trade War Nears a Conclusion

The trade war has been raging for a while, but it might soon end. China has been actively offering resolutions including, most recently, a trillion dollar program focused on buying American exports in order to zero out any trade imbalance. Here are the most recent updates and what is going to happen next.

Our Way or the Huawei; Tech Company or National Security Threat?

You’ve probably heard a few news stories recently about Chinese company Huawei. Here’s a basic summary of the company and why they seem to be such a threat to the American National Security apparatus.

Ways to End the Shutdown Fight

We are now in the longest government shutdown in history and people say there’s no end in sight. Well that’s no fun, so in this episode Stephen looks at how both parties are compromising and trying to work together to end this, and the most likely ways this shutdown will end.

Theresa’s Dismay: Brexiting is Hard to Do

On January 15th, Great Britain’s parliament is voting on whether to accept the deal Theresa May negotiated with the European Union. In this episode Stephen looks into the impact of accepting Theresa May’s Brexit deal or engaging in a no deal Brexit.

Pulling Out of Pulling Out; Pompeo and Middle East Inconsistencies

President Trump announced that we were pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, a memo his foreign policy team apparently forgot to read. In a recent speech in Cairo Secretary of States Pompeo contradicted most of Trump’s plans.

Are These Five Chinese Trade War Concessions Enough for Trump?

As with all hypothetical questions that serve as titles to content the answer is “Probably Not”. China has recently made five concession to the US in an attempt to alleviate the trade war. These concessions have largely been ignored by our representatives. Here’s what happened and what will happen next in this trade war.

Borderline Impossible; The Department of the Interior’s Wall Struggles

The Department of the Interior is one of the most important actors in implementing Trump’s wall plan and currently their leader is… Well he’s resigned in the midst of 17 investigations.  Here are the struggles that the Department is facing and what to look for in candidate confirmation hearings.

John Bolton’s “Prosper Africa” Plan

National Security Advisor John Bolton recently presented his new “Prosper Africa” plan to the Heritage Foundation. It’s three core elements are cutting/optimizing aid, reducing US troops in the region, and increasing investment. Here’s a summary of the details.