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Facebook’s Cryptic Cryptocurrency; Congress Evaluates the New Cryptocurrency

In June, Facebook announced that they were releasing a new cryptocurrency called the Libra. It’s a controversial and complicated issue that, this week, we heard testimony about in congress. Here’s the issue at hand, the opportunities associated with it, and what’s at risk.

Congress Faces Off On Defense Spending: Passing the National Defense Authorization Act

In a surprise move, on Friday the House approved a version of the National Defense Authorization Act with no Republican votes. This bill was loaded with amendments from closing Guantanamo Bay to Repealing the Authorization of Military Force that has enabled the government to fight Al Qaeda operatives across the world since the Iraq invasion. This is what just happened.

What Mayor Pete Buttigieg Did in South Bend, Indiana

Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg, or Mayor Pete as he’s known to South Bend residents, is running largely on the basis that he was able to revive the city of South Bend. Here’s a summary of his major achievements while mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and some of the controversies and criticism that came with his strategies.

The Supreme Court Draws a Line in Partisan Gerrymandering With New Decision

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court definitely and controversially ruled in the cases of Rucho v. Common Cause and Lamone v. Benisek that court systems cannot hear challenges to maps that have been gerrymandered in a partisan manner. This video is an analysis of what Justice Roberts decision said and the rationality behind why the Supreme Court’s conservative majority voted the way they did.

What is Going on With Iran? How We Got to the Brink of War

The strained relationship between Iran and the United States has recently been in the front pages of the news with downed tankers, a downed drone, and the United States canceling attack plans at the last moment. How, over the last two years did our relationship go from an Iran Deal to the brink of war. One word; Sanctions.

Chennai’s Water Crisis; How India’s Sixth Largest City is Coping with Shortages

The Indian city of Chennai is experiencing an unprecedented water crisis. This is based on a combination of government incompetence and huge weather irregularities. The question now is, what next?

Hong Kong Democracy; Why so Angry?

Hong Kongers are protesting a proposed extradition law that would allow China to extradite criminals from Hong Kong. Now that the law has been put on ice people are asking why people are still protesting. In this episode Stephen goes through Hong Kong’s Constitution to show the reasons why the average protester is still in the streets.

Jerome Powell Fights in the Trade War


Markets are rallying after Jerome Powell’s recent announcement that the fed will be helping stimulate the economy if the trade war starts to take its toll. Here’s exactly what could happen and what was just announced.