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I Hired Two Professional Voice Actors to #ReadTheTranscript


Juella Baltonado: @juellabaltonado on IG

Irene Yenko:


Everybody is talking about the Ukraine transcript of a conversation between President Donald Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky. I hired two professional voice actors to read the transcript so you can come up with your own opinion about what happened. Here’s what’s in the notorious transcript.

The 2020 Budget Deficit Fight: Mick Mulvaney vs. Everybody


Mick Mulvaney and conservatives are launching an all out war on Republicans and Democrats working together to create a federal budget. Their goal is to cut government spending by getting the government to extend continuing resolutions indefinitely. On the other hand, both democrats and republicans want to pass a budget, but… as you can imagine, they have a few things they need to work out if they’re going to agree.



Agreement reached on spending bill allocations

Bumbling Congress gives Trump the budget freeze he wanted


Congress Makes a Deal on 2020 Spending, but the Budget Battle Is Far from Over


White House admits quid pro quo over Ukraine aid
( 0:05-0:21)

Trump signs resolution to avoid government shutdown
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Iran’s Protests Explained: Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran’s Fight Against Tehran


Recently we’ve seen some major destabilization in Iran’s plans for the Middle East. Between the realization that Iran is pretty much broke and unable to afford an important petrol subsidy and protests in Iraq and Lebanon for an independent government, Middle East stability is looking more and more distant. Here’s what’s happening and why people are worried.

Enforcing the USMCA: Congress Works out the Final Details on North America’s Newest Trade Deal


Under the backdrop of the impeachment inquiry, congress tried again to ratify the negotiated USMCA. The biggest issue is what mechanism should be used to enforce the labor and environmental rules in Mexico. This is what each side thinks should happen and what is going on.

SCOTUS Just Heard Case of a U.S. Agent Shooting of Teenager Across the Mexican Border


In the case of Hernandez v. Mesa, the Supreme Court was trying to determine whether a border patrol agent can be charged for damages in civil court for shooting an unarmed Mexican citizen from across the border. Here is the arguments that they heard in this case.

Is DACA Constitutional? The Supreme Court Hears Arguments on DACA’s Repeal


The Supreme Court just heard oral arguments in the case of Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California. This case was about whether the government can cite DACA’s potential constitutional issues as the core and arguably only reason for getting rid of the program. Here’s what happened!


Trump’s Subpoena Fight: Testing Testimonies


Between Don McGahn, John Bolton, and Mick Mulvaney, the House of Representatives subpoenas for Trump’s inner circle are experiencing a judicial test. The question is whether Trump aids have absolute immunity or qualified immunity in an impeachment trial. The answer is entirely unknown. Here’s what the precedent says.

Protect The Oil: Trump’s New Syria Strategy


President Trump has engaged in a new and controversial strategy in Syria. He’s stationing US troops to protect the oilfields in Syria. Some are calling it pillaging, while others are saying it’s just a bargaining chip. Here is exactly what’s going on with this new strategy.

Federal Reservations; Jerome Powell’s Newfound Economic Optimism


The Federal Reserve just cut the Federal Funds Rate for a third time this year. This, they insist, will be the last time they adjust this rate for the foreseeable future. This is exactly what the fed just announced and the thinking behind it.

Can You Fire Someone For Being Transgender? The Supreme Court Weighs In


The Supreme Court just heard the case of R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This case will determine whether you can legally fire someone for being a transgender or not. It will also set the tone for future transgender rights cases. This episode goes over both sides arguments, and what will happen next.