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Ordering a General Motors Order: Trump uses the Defense Production Act to Fight Ventilator Shortages


Recently Trump has used the Defense Production Act to mandate that General Motors and Ventek work together to build ventilators, alleviating a massive ventilator shortage. This is what’s going on and the solutions America is pursuing.

How Are You Going To Pay For It? The Government Embarks on Multiple Trillion Dollar Programs


Between the Federal Reserve’s unlimited bond buying program, the federal reserve’s 1.5 trillion dollars in repo loans, and the federal government’s two trillion dollar stimulus program, things are getting pretty expensive these day. Here’s how these agencies plan to get the funds to engage in these programs.

The Federal Reserve Goes All In On Liquidity; Unlimited Quantitative Easing and REPO Interventions Explained


Today the Federal Reserve announced unlimited quantitative easing measures to stimulate liquidity in the markets. This, combined with the Federal Reserve’s actions in the REPO overnight markets, is an attempt to get banks to make more loans to consumers. Here is exactly what’s happening.

Four Ways to Solve America’s Viral Medical Supply Shortage

America is considering four solutions to our current medical supply shortage: introducing export restrictions, reducing or eliminating tariffs, revising import procedures, and prioritizing domestic production. This is what each of those strategies would entail and their real world precedents.

Bailing Out of Planes: The Trump Administration Looks into Helping the Airline Industry

The Trump Administration is currently considering bailing out several industries including, most notably. These bailouts would be targeted towards alleviating some of the pain felt by the Coronavirus slowdown. Here is what those bailouts might look like.

A Federal Reserve Emergency Rate Cut and $700 Billion Quantitative Easing Program Explained


The Federal Reserve just had an emergency session where they cut the Federal Funds rate by 100 points. The federal funds rate is now a quarter of a percentage point. At the same time they have escalated their quantitative easing program to buy five hundred billion dollars worth of Treasury Bills and two hundred billion dollars worth of Mortgage Backed Securities. Here’s what the Federal Reserve hoped would happen, what actually happened, and why it matters.

Surveilling FISA: The Congressional FISA Renewal Debate Explained


Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121


Congress is currently debating how to renew three operations in the FISA program. The bill that was just passed by the house and is up for a vote in the Senate has several reforms to the surveillance program. Here is exactly what’s happening.

The Federal Reserve’s 1.5 Trillion Dollar Repo Market Injection Explained


The Federal Reserve just announced that they are going to be providing one point five trillion dollars in short term loans to financial institutions in order to keep the markets liquid. Here is exactly what happened and what it all means.

Russia and Saudi Arabia’s OPEC Oil Price War Explained

After a failed OPEC meeting designed to limit supplies in response to shrinking demand, oil prices have hit new lows. So, what the heck happened?

Turkey and Russia’s Idlib, Syria Ceasefire Explained


On Thursday Turkey’s President Erdogan and Russia’s President Putin met and agreed to a ceasefire in Idlib. Here’s the context in which Russia, Syria, Turkey, and the rebels were approaching these negotiations and what was agreed to.