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Farm Aid; The Costs of a Trade War

Sonny Perdue and the Trump Administration announced an additional sixteen billion dollars in aid to farmers struggling with the trade war. The question is, how and why is the government paying farmers billions of dollars for goods there’s no market for. This is everything you need to know about this bailout.

The Subpoena Battle Continues; The Fight to Secure Trump’s Finances

A district court just ruled in favor of the House Oversight Committee’s ability to secure documents detailing the last seven years of Trump’s Finances for legislative purposes and investigating violations to the emoluments clause. The question now is whether this information will actually be used to accomplish such a narrow goal, or whether it will be publicly released or used to more broadly investigate the president.

Abortion Laws; Past and Precedent

With the passage of new heartbeat bills in certain states, people are turning to our supreme court rulings and wondering whether abortion law precedent is going to be overturned. Here is what the current law of the land is regarding abortion law, and how it has changed over the last fifty years.

44 out of 50 State Attorneys General Agree, Drug Companies Broke the Law

Over the weekend forty four state attorney generals opened up a criminal lawsuit against big pharma. The accusation is that companies colluded to artificially charge consumers more money. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what’s going on.

The Trade War Continues; Trump Introduces New Tariffs on $200 Billion of Chinese Goods

In an escalation of the trade war with China, Trump introduced a whole slate of new tariffs. There are some debates over the economics of these tariffs, but here are the basics of what just happened, and what happened the last few times we imposed tariffs in this war.

Nuclear Disagreement; Iran Weighs its Future in the Iran Deal

The nuclear deal has managed to remain intact a year after Trump left, but with a recent round of sanctions Iran is weighing its options. Should it stay to lock down partial trade with Europe, or should it leave altogether and focus on its nuclear program. This is the most recent updates in the Iran deal fight.

The Fight For the Arctic; America, Russia, and China Need to Chill

With global warming and the melting of the ice caps, new waterways and land are opening up in the Arctic. This week Pompeo is going on a tour of Arctic countries to try to convince them to mobilize against Chinese and Russian influence in the Arctic region. Here is what’s happening between the major players in this coming “Cold War”.

House of a Hundred Subpoenas; The Bill Barr Brawl

Donald Trump just announced that he intends to fight House Judiciary and Oversight committee subpoenas across the board. In this episode Stephen looks at the underlying precedent set by a century of congressional investigations and shows the coming obstacles that are going to be facing congress’s investigations.

The Trade War’s Second Front; Negotiating Peace With Japan

We recently saw Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visit the White House to negotiate a one on one peace deal with Trump. Here are the sticking points keeping a deal from being signed, and the conflict that lead up to this point.

What Facebook’s Five Billion Dollar Settlement Reveals about America’s Personal Data Protections

The FTC is about to fine Facebook an estimated five billion dollars for violating a 2011 settlement. This settlement was designed to protect consumer’s ability to designate what data to protect by altering their settings. Quickly in researching this topic you find giant holes in US data protection laws, laws that senator’s Amy Klobuchar and John (not F) Kennedy are trying to solve with their Social Media Privacy Protection and Consumer Rights Act of 2019. Here’s what’s happening and the current state of US privacy laws.