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Facebook’s Hate Speech Ad Boycott, Explained #StopHateForProfit


Facebook has recently come under fire from several of its larger advertisers for not taking a tough stance on hate speech. These advertisers are pulling their ads from the platform until more substantial reforms are put in place. Here is exactly what’s going on.

China’s New Hong Kong National Security Law, Explained


China just implemented a far reaching new security law that many people worry is a threat to the “One Country, Two Systems” framework set up in Hong Kong’s constitution, or Basic Law. There is exactly what’s changing with regard to this new law.

Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision 2020, Explained


The supreme court just decided in the case of June Medical Services LLC v. Russo. This case had to do with a new Louisiana abortion law that is almost identical to a Texas abortion law ruled unconstitutional in 2016. Here’s what’s happening.

Trump’s Updated Covid-19 Testing Strategy In the USA, Explained

You may have heard that Trump is ordering the White House to slow down testing. That, accompanied with the shutting down of many federal testing facilities in outbreak areas, is providing a very negative image of this administration’s response. The strategy is a little more nuanced than there. Here’s exactly what’s happening.

Trump’s Looming Digital Service Tax Trade War, Explained


Countries across the globe are in varying stages of implementing digital service taxes. This new approach would tax Amazon, Facebook, and Google at their points of sale rather than at the location they’re headquartered. America, the country where most of those companies are headquartered, and a nation founded on the principles of European Tax evasion, is not a big fan of this new idea. Hey, only we can tax our internet companies. We don’t, but we reserve the right to. This is triggering talk of opening up a new front in America’s recent web of trade wars, this time with European Countries. Here’s what’s happening.

The Supreme Court’s DACA 2020 Decision, Explained


The Supreme Court just weighed in on DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This case came down to the Administrative Procedure Act and the Administration’s rationale for rescinding DACA. Here is exactly what’s happening and what it means.

Israel’s Annexation Plans For the West Bank, Explained


In accordance with Trump’s Peace Plan, Israel’s Prime Minister is planning on annexing up to thirty percent of the West Bank starting July 1st. This would specifically revolve around the Israeli Settlements in the Jordan Valley Area. Here is exactly what’s happening.

Breaking News: The Supreme Court’s LGBTQ Firing Decision, Explained


The Supreme Court just issued a decision resolving three cases where employers fired people for being gay or trans. Their answer: No, because the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects people from sexual discrimination, protections which now cover gay and trans individuals. Here’s exactly what was just decided and why the decision was made.

Qualified Immunity, the Supreme Court, and the Police, Explained


Qualified Immunity, the protection public officials get from civil lawsuits, is coming under fresh legal scrutiny. The supreme court is now debating whether to reconsider this rule. Here’s what “Qualified Immunity” means, it’s legal history, and how it might change in the future.

The Federal Reserve Bails Out State Budgets 2020, Explained


For the first time in US history the Federal Reserve is buying municipal bonds from State Governments. This is a temporary fix to keep states solvent, prevent budget cuts, and avoid tax hikes during the economic downturn. Here’s exactly what’s happening.